We have this conversation a lot: “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a doula.” “A dou-what?” Many people have never heard of a doula.

What is a doula? What does a doula do? Here is our unique description of what a doula is and how we can help you have the birth you’ve always dreamed of. No “brochure-speak” you’ll see on every other doula website, just a personal letter written from our heart.

If you are like many pregnant women, one of the common emotions you feel about impending labor is panic. Maybe you have been thinking…

  • “I’m afraid of the pain and being out of control.”
  • “I’m worried that my partner won’t know how to help me.”
  • “What if my care provider pushes for interventions I don’t want?”

Imagine if you could fill your mind with these thoughts instead…

  • “I feel confident about going into labor. I’m looking forward to giving birth.”
  • “My birth team fully supports my wishes and will help me have a safe, easy birth.”
  • “My partner is rock solid and has all the support he needs to help me give birth.”
  • “All the little details are being taken care of and I can just relax and enjoy the day.”

We hear these things all the time from our clients. As doulas, we specialize in helping families create amazing birth memories.

Maybe you are wondering: what exactly does a doula do?

Picture for a moment a wedding… yes! a wedding!

It is a perfect day. An intimate, luxurious event is planned. The bride and groom are organized, relaxed and full of joy! Every detail is planned and prepared for. They even hired a wedding planner to coordinate all the details. She helped them find just the perfect details and gave them some amazing referrals to other vendors. All in all, the decision to hire her relieved their stress and allowed them to just enjoy their special day. The event goes as smooth as it possibly could. The few hiccups they had were solved easily and without fuss. The bride and groom have amazing memories of the day they said their vows. They were able to be fully present and focused on each other.

A doula provides similar benefits for your baby’s birth day, including all of the best labor support techniques. Certainly your child’s birth day is one of the most life changing events you will ever experience! Maybe even more-so than the day you are married. Don’t you deserve the most professional and supportive care possible?

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Some of the benefits we provide for our moms and dads to be are:

  • An environment that allows you to relax and focus on your birth and baby. The two keys are: privacy and intimacy. We create this through music, lighting, sensitive crowd control, aromatherapy, nourishing food and drink and so much more. Every detail is customized to your personality and needs.
  • A more comfortable and easy birth. Years of experience have shown us the positions and techniques that can help your labor progress. We are experts in supporting the physical and emotional process of labor. That is why moms who have doulas are 60% less likely to request epidurals and 50% less likely to have a cesarean.
  • Confidence to be flexible in the moment. The big secret about birth is: even though you can’t control exactly what will happen… you are still the one who can make all the decisions. As your doulas, we will make sure that you receive as much information as you want to make choices regarding your care. You will have all the support you need, no matter what direction your birth may take.
  • Freedom to choose natural birth or pain medication. Our job is to support you without judgement. Just like a wedding coordinator is valuable for a intimate backyard ceremony or a lavish destination event… a doula is valuable for natural and medicated birth. The support, depth of knowledge and desire to facilitate your unique day… that is what makes a difference. We trust you to make the decisions that are right for you and your baby. We will do everything in our power to make your day full of joy no matter what you choose.
  • Pre-birth planning and coordination to relieve stress and fear. As your doula we will meet with you during your pregnancy at least once. Whether you need help creating a birth plan or more information on interventions or just a sympathetic ear for your pregnancy woes. This is why we are never “strangers” at a birth. We will know each other well and everyone will be on the same wavelength. It is a team effort toward a common goal.
  • Memories captured in pictures and words. Some parts of birth are forever imprinted on our hearts. Other memories fade almost instantly. The families who hire us love receiving their CD of photos we shot at the birth. Allowing yourself to relive those precious moments is an infinite gift. A written birth story is also available if you desire. Both make a remarkable addition to your baby’s memory book.
  • 100% support from start to finish. As your doula we are free to focus on you and your partner in each moment of the birth. Unlike your care providers, we don’t have any responsibility for your medical care or safety. Whether you have a 75 hour marathon birth or a short and sweet 2 hour birth… you can count on our undivided attention. What a relief!
  • A helpful, confident dad-to-be. Do you know your partner is already a genius birth coach? Or rather… he has the potential to be! Dads have an amazing ability to perform under pressure. The only hitch is: they need to know what to do. That’s why dads and doulas make a great team. The doula has the knowledge… the dad has the willingness. He also has something we can never have… a heart bursting with love for both you and your baby. With the support of a doula, dads are free to be as involved as you want them to be.
  • Postpartum follow up that gets you off to the best possible start. We usually do one postpartum visit in the first week and then provide unlimited phone and email support after that. Being a new parent can be full of joy and full of worry. You may spend alot of time wondering if you and your little one are normal. Women who have a birth doula are twice as likely to be breastfeeding at 6 weeks and report feeling less anxious and depressed.

You can experience the magic of a joyful birth!

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