Looking back at the birth of our daughter we are very fortunate that Kattie was there to share in our experience. From the very beginning Kattie was extremely helpful and supportive in what we wanted out of our birth experience. Meeting just twice before the birth we felt very at ease and comfortable around Kattie. She was available at any time to answer questions or concerns that would come up.

At the birth of our daughter, Kattie was absolutely amazing. She was very calm, confident and took charge during this somewhat stressful time. After laboring at home for a couple of hours, she came over and immediately started helping me through some extremely painful back labor by offering different positions that somehow helped ease the pain. This also allowed my husband to have a quick break to go take a shower and get everything ready to go to the birth center.

When we arrived at the birth center, we found out I was extremely close to giving birth. She did a great job working with the midwives, helping my husband and making sure I was taken care of by getting me water, feeding me and holding my hand as I pushed. While she was doing all of these things she took some amazing birth photos, that I absolutely love. She stayed with us for a while after the birth to help with breastfeeding, birth recovery and to make sure my husband and I were doing well. Our birth experience was exactly what we dreamed of and it wouldn’t have been the same if Kattie hadn’t been there.