I wanted a doula present during my birth because it was my first and I had no previous experience with births and babies. Knowing that I would have someone available to ask questions of and to support me was invaluable. Kattie was fantastic!

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a birth in a hospital or with midwives in a home-like setting. When I first met Kattie, we discussed what was on my mind and she was able to provide recommendations for people in the industry for me to meet to discuss different options with.

After I started working with Kattie, she provided a workbook created by Serene Doulas to help me further prepare for what to expect and to create clarity around the experience I wanted during my birth.

Although my birthing experience ended up being the exact opposite of what I had envisioned, Kattie was highly flexible and malleable to the situation. She stayed with me through a very long labor and kept me informed of what to expect while also allowing the process to unfold the way it had intended to be. She maintained a great deal of professionalism during difficult situations and extended support to my partner when I was unable to.

I especially appreciated that she kept me informed of what to expect next even after the baby came, while I was in the hospital – it was my desire to stay informed during the process and she did exactly that, providing me with helpful information that never diminished my own experience. Even after the birth, Kattie checked in on me and during our last home visit, gave us some fantastic tips on calming our baby and keeping him happy.

Kattie’s doula services and expertise are fantastic for the first time Mom who is unsure about the birthing process and would like some extra guidance and support – she brought knowledge and ease to what ended up being an intense and challenging situation, I am grateful she was there to help me.