• mombabysleepingWEBRespect Your birth, your way: that’s our motto. Each of us has a deep respect for the wishes of our clients. We strive to provide unbiased and objective information which empowers you to make your own decisions. We listen and advocate without judgement.
  • Reliability Our goal is to provide a level of service that you won’t find anywhere else. As the original Seattle doula group we provide guaranteed backup to our clients. Backup is from our own partner doulas who meet our standard of excellence and know our practice inside and out.
  • Teamwork Dads, partners and other support people are irreplaceable. Whatever level of partner involvement is right for you… we will enhance their ability and confidence. One of our key objectives is equipping the partner.
  • Diplomacy We understand our role in the birth environment and aim to create a team atmosphere. Our goal is to help you advocate for yourselves without alienating your chosen care providers.
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  • Wisdom Since we work so closely with eachother, we are in constant discussion about the best techniques to use during birth. We also consult with each other when we need ideas to help a laboring women. You are getting four doula brains for the price of one!
  • Resources We are very active in the birthing community. Whether you need an acupuncturist, a custom fitted sling, meal delivery or a photographer. Our wide range of connections allows us to refer you with confidence to a local professional who will exceed your expectations.

How Our Practice Works

  1. Interview and hire a Serene Doula who matches your personality and serves your birth place. Each of us take clients independently: no shared call or uncertainty about who will attend your birth.
  2. You receive continuous support during labor from the Serene Doula you hire although a second Serene Doula may provide assistance in the case of a very long labor.
  3. If your doula is sick, has simultaneous births or a family emergency, we provide seamless backup coverage for each other.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As doulas we take education and experience seriously. Each of us has received the following minimum training:

  • Completed a DONA approved Birth Doula Skills Workshop of at least 36 hours.
  • Special study in Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies so that we can appropriately support mothers using self hypnosis for birth.
  • Advanced education in massage techniques for labor, appropriate use of aromatherapy, the use of a rebozo and breastfeeding support skills.
  • We are committed to attending at least one continuing education workshop per year related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or parenting.
  • Each of us have had the assistance of a doula at one (or more) of our own children’s births. Each of us have had at least one natural birth of our own.