I started working with Kattie only a few weeks before my due date, due to a family emergency with the doula I had originally hired. She was very proactive about keeping in touch and making sure I had all my questions answered.

When my baby made her appearance, the process was actually quite fast and Kattie made it to the birth center a few minutes after my daughter was born. She made sure I got enough to drink and took priceless newborn photos for me and my husband. However, I had some bleeding that necessitated a hospital transfer, and Kattie was able to accompany me and my husband for that. She made sure that my voice was heard and communicated to all medical personnel, ensured I was comfortable, etc.

After we returned to the birth center, she was very helpful in helping me establish breastfeeding and taking more pictures. She also came by my house a few days after the birth to answer more questions and make sure I was doing okay, and called me multiple times over the next few weeks to make sure I didn’t have any problems. Kattie was very attentive and provided lots of good information and encouragement for a new mama, even though her services were primarily postpartum rather than during labor. Thanks Kattie!