My name is Danielle Werner and I have been a close friend of Kattie’s for the last five years. During that time Kattie not only has been a wealth of knowledge in regards to all aspects of child and maternal nutrition and wellbeing, but I was also blessed to have her attend the birth of my second child as my doula. I am happy to provide this testimonial for her.

Kattie has supported and assisted me during the various phases of my childrens’ development. Kattie is always educating herself on the latest information regarding breastfeeding promotion, natural and holistic healing products and methods, car seat safety, and a multitude of other topics. I know that if I ever have a question about my childs health and safety, she will have some advice or be able to direct to me a place that I can find answers.

Most significantly, Kattie provided invaluable support and guidance as my doula. Throughout my pregnancy, Kattie was very interested in my progress and gave me advice and resources to help me prepare for the delivery, birth, and breastfeeding. The delivery of my first child was unsatisfying and scary. Additionally, breastfeeding had been a challenge and I was afraid that the second time wouldn’t be any easier. Through Kattie’s advice, I was able to prepare and gain confidence that ultimately led to a delivery that I am extremely proud of and to successful breastfeeding thereafter. During my labor and through the delivery, Kattie was knowledgeable, was always my advocate when dealing with hospital staff, guided me through the progression of the labor with breathing and comfort techniques, and helped me stay calm and focused. I felt safe with her by my side.
I highly recommend her as a doula. Kattie will be an immeasurable asset to the families that she will help in the future.