Serena’s Testimonials

A Doula For Life

Image by Amanda Leigh Photography

I have had the honor of co-laboring with many ridiculously awesome people over the last 7 years. I get to know these people and then I get to witness them birth another ridiculously awesome human being into this world; it’s a pretty sweet gig I have. What makes my job […]

Adalyn’s Mom

Serena helped us have the birth experience we were hoping for. Although it was quicker than expected, that’s a good thing, she made sure we got to the hospital in time.  Serena made us wish we has a doula for all our births. Thank you for being a wonderful doula!

Reece’s Mom

When people ask me how my birth went I say things like, “great”, “amazing”, “wonderful”, “just what I hoped it would be” and they seem surprised, but it’s all true! A large part of my success was because of Serena’s calm, supportive energy. Thank you!

Kathleen Anderson

"My husband didnt feel like he was any less involved, or that his role was being taken over."

Alan & Emily

"Serena did a great job at being creative during our labor."


"Because I had Serena with me I was able to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth."