Kattie’s Testimonials

Deb Baliko

"Because of Kattieā€™s support, strength, encouragement and words of affirmation, we were able to walk through one of the most difficult and life giving experiences as a family."

Heather D.

"I highly recommend Kattie, she's easy to be around and an amazing source of support before, during and after childbirth."

Nicole Tuchinda

"What could have been a lonely and upsetting experience was a positive (though challenging) experience because Kattie was so helpful."

Deb Baliko

Kattie was a constant encouragement and consistent support prior to labor, during labor, and post partum. Any pre-natal question I had, Kattie was quick to respond and call to see how I was doing. If I needed a reference or advice beyond her care, she always had the resources at her fingertips. She has […]