Four words come to mind when I think of Kattie: experienced, sincere, funny, and responsible.

We chose to hire Kattie because we were looking for an experienced Doula with a rate under $1000 for the birth of our second child. Kattie offered a plan that matched our needs, standing out from other Doulas who only had a rate greater than $1000.

One of our birth goals was to have an unmedicated delivery. Kattie helped me feel confident in my body’s ability to have a natural childbirth. Her quiet words of encouragement while I was in labor boosted my confidence, and I still recall them now, as I write this a few months later.

I had an unmedicated birth with my first child, so I was fairly confident about doing it again the second time. Even so, I decided to hire a doula not only as a support person for me, but also for my husband. Kattie was calm, confident, and very down to earth. I found her to be a very realistic person who is easy to relate to and I liked that she had witnessed so many births in hospital as well as non-hospital settings. I also liked that she didn’t bombard me with information, but instead provided a few key websites as recommendations which I found very useful. I liked that she is a mother herself — I think that helped me relate to her. Having her with me while I gave birth was sort of like having a friend in the room. I really enjoyed our prenatal visit as well as the postpartum visit.

I am genuinely grateful that we got to have Kattie as our Doula. Giving birth is such an intimate, life-changing experience, and I’m so glad that she was a part of it. I wholeheartedly recommend Kattie as a Doula for anyone giving birth, whether it’s a first child, a second child, or whatever! Her price is competitive and fair, and I really like that she offered a bigger package and a smaller package. The smaller package was perfect for us!