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Jenny R

I started working with Kattie only a few weeks before my due date, due to a family emergency with the doula I had originally hired. She was very proactive about keeping in touch and making sure I had all my questions answered.
When my baby made her appearance, the process was actually quite fast and […]

Sarah Beaudoin

Looking back at the birth of our daughter we are very fortunate that Kattie was there to share in our experience. From the very beginning Kattie was extremely helpful and supportive in what we wanted out of our birth experience. Meeting just twice before the birth we felt very at ease and comfortable around […]

Carolyn Fitzgerald

Four words come to mind when I think of Kattie: experienced, sincere, funny, and responsible.

We chose to hire Kattie because we were looking for an experienced Doula with a rate under $1000 for the birth of our second child. Kattie offered a plan that matched our needs, standing out from other Doulas who only […]

Sabrina Svedin

We chose Kattie because of her training, work and related personal experience, and different pricing options. My main goal was to have a birth that was as intervention free as possible, and Kattie helped me get through a crazy long labor without getting an epidural. She was always finding a way to get my […]

Amy Roberts

We chose to hire Kattie because we thought her calm and easy going demeanor combined with her experience and knowledge would make her a helpful asset to our birth process. We were right, I don’t know how I would’ve had the wonderful delivery I did without her support!

I wanted a natural delivery, and prior […]

Katie Filion

My husband and I chose Kattie as our birth doula because she has a calm, positive, and confient personality that we felt very comfortable with. She was generous with her time spent with us and made sure we had all our questions answered before, during, and after the birth. As new parents, she helped […]

Robynlea Fortier

I wanted a doula present during my birth because it was my first and I had no previous experience with births and babies. Knowing that I would have someone available to ask questions of and to support me was invaluable. Kattie was fantastic!

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a birth in a hospital or […]

Sarah Camp

In our first meeting with Kattie she was confident and calm in answering every question we threw at her. Every answer seemed logical, and I felt that her answers were thoughtful and based on experience and fact. Both Eric and I called and emailed her frequently towards the end of my pregnancy when things […]

A Doula For Life

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I have had the honor of co-laboring with many ridiculously awesome people over the last 7 years. I get to know these people and then I get to witness them birth another ridiculously awesome human being into this world; it’s a pretty sweet gig I have. What makes my job […]

The Birth Story of Silas

“I will not go a day past my due date. We have an understanding, this kid and I, and we will both be done with our living arrangements by the 25th.” The midwife smiled at me in a way that wasn’t condescending, but it wasn’t convincing either. I have since given hundreds of women […]