We chose to hire Kattie because we thought her calm and easy going demeanor combined with her experience and knowledge would make her a helpful asset to our birth process. We were right, I don’t know how I would’ve had the wonderful delivery I did without her support!

I wanted a natural delivery, and prior to experiencing labor had no idea the difficulties I would encounter throughout the process. Kattie helped me push through those difficulties and keep focused on my goal. She made sure we were fully prepped and prepared for our birth with phone calls and meetings, and once labor started she was there the entire time we needed her, offering constant help, suggestions and support.

She was the reason we achieved the natural labor we envisioned. The result was a natural labor and a healthy, beautiful baby! I unexpectedly was diagnosed with a rare pregnancy-related liver condition called choleostasis in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Not only was Kattie extremely flexible and was available two weeks prior to my delivery date for an emergency induction, but she called me to discuss inductions options and the process and completely prepped me for the experience.

Once she got to the hospital with us, more challenges presented themselves and Kattie’s knowledge and helpful suggestions enabled us to feel like we were in charge of our birth. Once labor started it was a very fast experience and was more painful than I envisioned. Without Kattie’s confidence and constant support I think I would have broke down and resorted to pain medication, which was not something I wanted.